Labour Management Consultations

Labour-Management Consultations can be a productive and constructive way to resolve workplace problems. Any exchange of views, which leads to a more informed decision, can only benefit the organization as a whole. Your Local is actively engaged in resolving employee issues with management informally when possible. We do this at a number of levels:

  • Individual representation in cases where an employee has issues in his/her work place and has not been able to resolve it. If informal consultation is deemed ineffective, we resort to a grievances procedure, when it is advisable, and with employee’s approval.
  • Employee representation at Labour, Management committee (LMC) meetings on employer policies or any other issues that affect employees as a whole or group. These Committee meetings are held at national, regional and local levels.

Your local relies on you to bring issues forward, whether affecting an individual or as a group, so that we can raise them with management and work towards resolutions.

Minutes of National LMCs

Minutes of Local LMCs